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Be sure to also check our "specialty projects Gallery" creating spaces for those with special needs

For 46 years...
Jim Dewire and Sons has served the area with professional excellence and quality workmanship. Our mission is to provide our customers with impeccable service, unparalleled professional craftsmanship, competitive pricing and a high standard of integrity.
From individual small projects, to room
remodels, to major additions or renovations...

every project receives the same attention
and expert workmanship. We will assist your in
transforming your concept into the dream room
you envision by guiding you through the process
from concept to completion.
We know every major renovation is an
interruption of your lifestyle
we strive to minimize the stress and inconvenience by carefully planning the changes to your living space to best accommodate your schedule.

Give us your vision, we'll assist you in meticulously planning the details ... (READ MORE)

Whether your project is large or small, we understand it's an investment. You get a valid quote along with our impeccable credentials ...

Staying on the job so that your project is completed as efficiently and timely as possible is our goal...

Your total satisfaction is always our goal. Making sure you smile ear to ear when we are done is our intent...