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Project Planning
Project Planning
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Project Planning - What to Expect

Embarking on a home remodeling project is an exciting and creative process. When considering your home remodel, take time to imagine, brainstorm, and plan. Design ideas can be found in lifestyle magazines, online, and from experienced professional remodelers. While researching ideas for your home remodel, think about some of the most popular room requests remodelers receive from customers.


No resource on home remodeling would be complete without a discussion of the most talked about room in the house--your kitchen. You may want to replace aging cabinetry, modernize appliances, update the style of your kitchen, or improve the floor plan for better flow. Our experts are suited for even the most complex kitchen remodels.


Following a remodel, home owners can enjoy a spacious and more lavish bathroom. Possible bathroom elements include modern cabinets, multiple vanities, and uniquely shaped showers.


Dreaming of a master bedroom suite? Home remodeling can update cramped and dark bedroom spaces, or refresh a child's bedroom into a more sophisticated space. Consider these questions:


The next step is the planning and design of your renovation. This will include your vision of the project, the budget, the design drawings, and executing a signed agreement. With the agreement you will be required to make a deposit. We will then establish a construction schedule, taking into consideration changes that will affect your daily routine as much as possible, and then we will apply for any applicable permits.


Our objective is to work with you to complete your project to your 100% satisfaction. Communicating is key. After your first inquiry we will set up a meeting to discuss your renovation. Whether your renovation is interior or exterior, large or small, extensive or limited we will work with you to achieve your goals. At this initial meeting the scope of the work will be assessed, measurements & photos will be taken, and solutions & budget considerations discussed.


As a team, we oversee and manage your renovation on a daily basis. Your project is constantly audited to assure that all local building and other codes are met to insure the highest level of quality and safety. Cleanliness on the job site and in your home is also a top priority for us.


At any time during your project if you decide to change the original scope and design of your project, a written addendum to your agreement will be presented to you for your approval and signature so there are no surprises at the end of your project. To keep projects moving along, there are instances where a verbal agreement will suffice.


We will walk you through your finished project. If there are any details that need explaining we will review them with you. You will sign-off on the completion of the project and the balance of your project cost will be due. We feel assured that you will be smiling and ready to enjoy the final product. You may even want to hug your contractor!


We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. We warrant your renovation for one (1) year from the date of completion.